Friday, October 23, 2009

[Seattle 09.09] espresso vivace

After the Victrola party we headed out to Espresso Vivace, and everyone knows this is one of my favorite spots in Seattle.

aweseom barista
And of course there was an awesome barista.

Happy and friendly, confident, efficient, and very skilled.

Cappuccino. John already took a sip before I took a picture. Yum.

Macchiato. Yum.

On the second round John got an espresso and I got a small iced Americano. Yum.

Yummers, yummers, yummers!

It was a quiet evening, and oh so pleasant pleasant and comforting.

I love Vivace!

Oh, and on our way back to the hotel I made John act "against the law"...

being tough?
A total rebel! hahahahaha.

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