Friday, October 02, 2009

[Seattle 09.09] first night and serious pie

We flew in to Seattle-Tacoma late afternoon, and took Metro bus 194, heading toward downtown Seattle.

The last stop of the bus was the downtown terminal, which was new to us. It was conveniently located (just a couple blocks above the Convention Center.

hotel room
We checked in to the 6th Avenue Inn.

There were a few conventions going on that weekend, and a lot of people were in town. We saw a LOT of Japanese people.

We relaxed for a little whie, and headed out to explore Belltown.

It seemed like a lot of things had changed... some new shops opened up, and some closed.

We then decided to go to Serious Pie for dinner. We had seen it many time in the past, with it being really close to the hotel and all. We had to wait for a little white before we were seated, but I'm glad we went in.

serious pie
Serious Pie.

meat and cheese cold storage
Meat and cheese aging(?) and storage behind the counter.

kitchen front
Watching pizza dough being "stretched."

When we were finally seated, we sat by the window, which I really liked.

serious pie
The space was pretty dark and "tight." Reminded me of some Japanese bars.

I got the "roasted mushrooms, truffle cheese," and John got the "cherry bomb peppers, sweet fennel sausage" pizza. Yum.

Gotta have beer with pizza. We both had the "pike kilt lifter" that was recommended by our server.

I like the Serious Pie logo.

And then it was dessert time.

"cannoli, ricotta, huckleberry." I really like the berries.

olive oil cake
"spiced olive oil cake, poached apple sabayon." It was probably just me, but the cake had corn bread texture. Interesting.

Serious Pie it was.

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