Monday, October 26, 2009

[Seattle 09.09] pike's market

Almost every time we went to Seattle we visited the Pike Place Market, and this time it was no exception.

pike's market

As usual, there were the fun fishermen, fun shops, stands, and foods, and fun street performers. Ahhh I love this place.

Fresh veggies.

Pretty flowers.

Seeing people holding bouquets of flowers made me happy.

We walked inside the market, and then headed out onto the outer street, looked at the unique shops, and ate yummy snacks. Here were some of my favorites:

chinese buns
Hmm... the simple and delicious pork and curry beef buns.


piroshky pastries
Piroshky's pastries.

piroshky pastry

After the light lunch we headed down where we could see the port.


Pike's Market was awesome.

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