Friday, June 27, 2008

it's ok

So I was really grumpy because of the A/C and equipment problems at the caffe, and when I went home in the afternoon the dogs probably sensed it. They wanted to get really close to me, to sniff me, and to lick my head.

I think the dogs were realy trying to help... or to see what my frustration "chi" was all about. All of a sudden I realized it was no big deal. So the A/C is down. So we had to spend some money on a new unit. So I had to sit in the 86 degree room that one afternoon. After I calmed down I was able to figure out how to keep the store cool with buckets of ice cubes and fans with John (both retro metal and high-tech spinning ones!) So it got cooler.

Yes the A/C situation still needs to be taken care of, and no I'm not too excited about the whole new unit purchase and installation thing, and sure I'm still feeling a bit warm sitting here in the kitchen, but shit happens, and being upset or grumpy is not going to "clean up the mess." Everyone was safe, so it's OK. We just have to take care of things one step at a time... to get to where we want the end result to be.

pets 007

Thanks doggies!


Anonymous said...

are you finally going out of business?
your coffee sucks ass.
your husband scares off all the customer. you deserve it.

yiching said...

Thankfully no.

As crazy as it sounds, we still enjoy what we do despite of the heat. We have to adjust the grinds and machine temperatures for the espresso and coffees a lot, but that's what needs to be done when the store temperature is not stable anyhow.

I'm sorry my husband scares you.

He knows his coffee and craft, and apparently he has principles that you don't like. Oh well.

Hope you'll feel better soon.