Sunday, June 22, 2008

purple torsion

I made an amigurumi dachshund for my friend Joyce's birthday! I was inspired by Joyce's dachshund Torsion and decided to make an amigurumi Torsion.

purple torsion
Purple Torsion at the restaurant. I know he looks sort of like an elephant...

I couldn't find any Dachshund amigurumi patterns, so I pretty much made it up myself... and you can totally tell. His body and legs are just chubby, and his head is giant... but I hope Joyce would think he was cute.

purple torsion
He looks more like a Dachshund in this photo.

yama and purple torsion
Yama likes Purple Torsion.

jasper and purple torsion
Jasper likes Purple Torsion as well...

jasper and purple torsion
...even if it didn't quite appear that way.

joyce and purple torsion
I think Joyce likes Purple Torsion! Happy Birthday Joyce!

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Parker said...

I love these little animals you are making. They are so super cute.