Tuesday, June 03, 2008

the man and his crew

Treven lives fairly close to the caffe, and he comes to the shop to get Americanos or teas. Whenever we see him, we see Bomber, his dog as well. Every time I see them I am reminded of Cesar Milan's theory on how people and their dogs should 'travel' together. Treven and Bomber 'travel' together all the time.

There's a new addition to their little pack. Geisha the kitten! I just had to snap a few shots when they were hanging out on the patio.

treven and his crew
Geisha, Treven, and Bomber.

Sometimes I wish I can have my dogs with me all the time... well, maybe just Yama. He'd be a good "traveling" buddy.

I want to bring Yama out about with me more often. Maybe some day he'd chill like Bomber.

Bomber chewed up his "leash"... a hemp string to be exact. Treven said the "leash" was just for the people around. Bomber always stays around with or without leash. Ahhh Bomber is so cool.

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