Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Every year we go to Japan we enjoy the many different donburi dishes at the small eateries. Most of the donburi shops are chains, and the largest being Yoshinoya.

We've eaten there a few times... most of the time it's late, and nothing else is open... after all, these donburi shops are usually open 24 hours a day!

Another donburi chain that we see quite a bit in Osaka was Nakau. There's one in Nakatsu (near Umeda) that's really close to the hotel we usually stay at.

chicken donburi
Chicken donburi.

beef donburi
Beef donburi is a must-have in donburi shops.

The food at these shops are not super fantastic, but it is like simple home-cooked meals... plus it's always available... and that's a very good thing.

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