Thursday, September 11, 2008

mega tamago!

When we were in Japan last time McDonald's was offering two new sandwiches for a limited time: Mega Tamago (tamago: eggs) and Mega Tomato.

Outside a McDonald's in Osaka.

We also saw a lot of new ads about the new McPork.

McPork ad on a train.

We had to try a Mega Tamago and a McPork.

mega tamago
Mega Tamago and a standard-size drink. See the tamago (egg) in the burger?

The whole burger seemed a little small, but it was yummy.

McPork! It was pretty much a sausage sandwich. Fun.

I just think the name McPork is super cool.

I don't know if McDonald's Japan still offer these sandwiches, but there are always new interesting sandwiches and burgers coming up... It's the same in Taiwan... I've had kimchi burgers and teriyaki burgers growing up.

I wonder what new items I'll see this year?

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