Monday, September 29, 2008

naicha's leg

Some of you know that Naicha has a funny leg, which looks a little bit "bent outward". It never really bothers her (because she can still run really fast) but a lot of times we would see her licking her leg... it probably sores a bit. We've had two surgeries on her leg already... but we might have to do another one some time.

See Naicha's bent leg?

A couple days ago Naicha started to limp. John eventually realized that she might have bumped into something and hurt her already-bent leg. :(

John puts a wrap on her leg, to prevent something (we don't quite know what) from shifting when she walks. It seems to work. She doesn't limp as much today.

Naicha lying on the kitchen floor.

naicha's legs
I'm glad Naicha hasn't been biting the wrap at all.

I think she knows we're trying to help so she doesn't try to chew on the wrap at all. We'll probably take her in to get checked out again soon if her leg doesn't get better.


Parker said...

I hope you little leg feels 100% soon. You sure look cute in your fancy wrap.

yiching said...

Naicha says:

Thanks for the hugs Kat! I thought I looked stylin' in the wrap and I'm glad you could see it. I'm working on getting all better, too! :)