Monday, September 22, 2008

mister donut

Mister Donut is a large donut chain that sells all different types/flavors of donuts in Japan. We almost always go to Mister Donut every year we go to Japan.

mister donut
Our "usual" store is in Nara. There are always tons of yummy treats and happy people!

The Nara Mister Donut is on the first shopping street outside the Nara Station. We'd always go and have little treats before or after we visit the Nara deers, temples, and other fun spots.

mister donut
Hmm... donuts and tea.


Margaret said...

I LOVE MISTER DONUT~! Soft and chewy green tea glazed donuts ;-; oh how I miss it~!

yiching said...

I know! They have the best variety of donuts! hmm... soft and chewy green tea glazed donuts... I've never had that one, but it surely sounds great!