Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I've been wanting a KitchenAid mixer for a while... but every time I bring it up to John, he'd comment that I don't bake much, and says that if I ever decide to really start baking he'd get me one.

I always say, "I can be doing more baking and making yummy goodies if I have a cool KitchenAid mixer." um...

Anyhow, with the caffe being remodeled gradually I think it'll be a great idea for me to start making treats to sell instead of getting them from other places... hence the idea of getting a KitchenAid is popping up again.

I'm eyeing the special model KitchenAid from Costco... it's a 5-quart 475-watt all metal gear super machine.

(photo from Costco web site)

I'm still doing researches, but this one looks really good.

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