Friday, April 10, 2009

mini spring rolls

I was shopping at the Asian market and saw little jars of "Instant Spring Roll" snacks. They didn't look particularly delicious at the time, but the thought of eating tiny little spring rolls as snacks intrigued me, so I bought a jar (garlic flavor.)

Who would know. These tiny little spring rolls are crunchy, flavorful, and really yummy! I think they are chili and shrimp/shellfish powders wrapped in either pastry or wonton wrappers.

mini spring roll
A little spring roll next to a penny.

These are so good. I went back to the store and got 5 more jars (3 garlic, and 2 spicy) of them!

Oh, and there's one little thing: the dogs think they are dog treats and want to have some. They do look like small dog treat bites in the jar.

1 comment:

d* said...

omg.. that is so tiny.
it looks yummy, though! :D