Monday, April 27, 2009

party with les

Les invited John and I to his lovely BBQ party.

We arrived a bit late (because I was still trying to make my caneles to bring to the party,) and Les and other friends were already there. Everyone was so happy!

cold cuts
Cold cuts: select cheeses, roasted sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, superb salami, duck pate, crackers, fresh chips and guacamole, and of course, different wine!

Beautiful skewers: fresh and "fat" scallops, shrimp, select chicken thigh cutlets, and sirloin beef.

So where was the grill?

grill in the alley
It was in the alley behind Les' best friend's apartment! Awesome.

Les and grill
Les in action!

asparagus and couscous
These photos just can't do the food justice... the skewers were amazing, and Les also prepared baked asparagus and couscous. Yum!

I brought some caneles for dessert. They were not the best-looking ones, but were the best from the four batches I tried to make. I was glad everyone seemed to enjoy them. I'm going to continue working on making perfect ones.

Ahhh. Beautiful people, beautiful food and wine, and beautiful conversations. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks for inviting us, Les, and we should totally do it more often.

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