Thursday, May 29, 2008

mexican bread

There's this wonderful Mexican market in a plaza on Redwood Road (whose name I could not quite pronounce or remember yet, but I shall find it out soon), and I visited it for the first time last week. There were great looking meats and produce, as well as rows after rows of hot sauces and spices. I was in love.

Right next to the market there was a deli/bakery, where there were trays of large bread and cookies. They were not like the Asian or European bread that I was more familiar with... they were HUGE, and they "looked" hard. I waited until several people pick up little trays full of these bread and decided I had to try some.

mexican bakery
I think the one on the left looks like a cooked turkey!

These were some simple and yummy bread! I was very pleasantly surprised. From the picture: The turkey-looking bread was a simple sweet bread, and the cookie in the middle was a chocolate-and-spices cookie, and the GIANT biscotti looking bread on the right was a sweet bread with butter and sugar. Simple and delish!

These breads probably have better and proper names that I still need to figure out. I took John there a couple days ago and we chose a few more different bakery items. They were so fun!

Next I'm going to try the big flan that I saw AFTER we already paid for the breads.

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