Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I turned thirty today. I had been very skeptical about this whole turning 30 thing for the past few days, even though my friends said nothing would be different when you turn 30. I guess it's true.

John said I'm still really cute at 30. Awww. Now that's cute.

Ryan asked me what about turning 30 that freaked me out. Nothing serious, really, but it's just that being 30 almost means I have to REALLY grow up. There are decisions that need to be made. There are things that need to be done. There are responsibilites that I have to take.

But then this morning I got an email from my mom. It was one of the most simple and beautiful "letter" I had ever read. All of a sudden I felt really relaxed and happy about turning 30. Yes there are a lot of decisions, things, and responsibilites that come with being 30, but there are also tons of fun, excitement, and adventures that are coming along.

I'm happy with what I've "accomplished" for the past decade... hmmm... decade is a serious word... but I've finished college, grad school, got married, started my own business, visited amazing countries and places, met cool people, and more! Being 30 will be even more exciting!

I remember my beautiful friend Kat wrote in her blog about aging gracefully. I hope I can do the same thing.

Thanks John for being my bao bei, the best, and all the gifts here and there! (and more to come!?)
Thanks Mom for the wonderful letter.
Thanks Dad for the most generous gift.
Thanks Brian for Sushi Prince, and for remembering my birthday year after year.
Thanks Ryan for the "turning 30" fun talk.
Thanks Kat for the most beautiful card and all the hugs.
Thanks Joyce for the wonderful dinner and friendship.
Thanks Joanne for the yummy food and all the invites!
Thanks EC for being the best sister ever.
Thanks everyone who sings Happy Birthday to me at the caffe!!

I love you guys!

And damn yay I'm 30!


Parker said...

Happy Happy Birthday over and over. I love you.

brownbag said...

Happy birthday. I'll have to sing happy birthday to you when I get back from Amsterdam.

I miss good coffee.

yiching said...

Thanks Kitty Kat!
(more hugs, hugs, and hugs!)

And thanks Rod!
(don't try to bring back too many *silly* things from Amsterdam. hahaha)
either John or I will make you yummy coffee when you get back! :)

aikibarista said...

You are the keai-ist!
Wo ai ni!!!

Happy Birthday!

yiching said...

xie xie John!

wo ai ni.