Thursday, August 14, 2008

cream puffs

EC just started being really interested in baking, and she asked what I would like to try these days. I said, "cream puffs!"

I do want some yummy cream puffs... ahh I miss those Hirota cream puffs in Japan:

Osaka May 06 013

You can find these Hirota cream puffs at the fancy food floors at department stores and on "food streets," as well as little shops inside the large train stations. (You can usually find their stores by looking for the bright orange signs.) They are so yummy!

I didn't think EC was going to be on that project so soon, but she brought me a bunch of cream puffs the next day!

cream puffs

These little cream puffs were softer and with honey butter in the center. Yum. Thanks EC!

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