Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Last time I went to Myung Ga I ordered their Spicy short ribs with rice sticks. It was so delicious.

spicy short ribs with rice sticks
It looked red, but it was actually not too spicy... it was simply yummy if you ask me.

The dish was super hot and when it came to our table the liquid inside was still boiling. The server girl reminded me that the handles on the cast iron pot were realy hot and that I should not touch them.

I did not intend to touch anything too hot, but when I reached over to get some side dishes I accidentally touched one of the handles... and it hurt really bad for a second!

The burn looked like a big bug bite (pale and puffy) and then it turned dark and looked slightly "bloody." Ouch!

It still feels funny a few days later.

Anyhow, the dish was so delicious that I figured I wanted to make some myself some time soon. I searched online and found out the dish was probably a version of Tteokbokki (some people spell it as Ddeokbokki). I think the dish at Myung Ga was more like a casserole, though, and that was why the pot was super hot.

I think I'm going to get some rice sticks at the Korean market this afternoon.

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