Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My friend Joyce took me to Sawadee last week for my birthday. It was a busy Thai restaurant with very friendly servers and staff.

We sat near the back of the store, next to the kitchen.

A beautiful Thai buddha was near our table.

A very shinny golden lotus wheel(?) was there, too.

I hadn't had much Thai, and Joyce had, so she helped pick out most of the dishes for us to try.

It got dark very soon, so the quality of the photos might have been compromised.

Thai soup
"Tom Yum Goong" - a Thai sweet and sour soup.

Joyce was almost going to order a large soup, and the server's eyes were wide open and said the soup might be too big for the two of us. We therefore got a bowl instead.

There were a lot of spices in the soup. Joyce instructed me to eat the soup, mushroom, shrimp, and cabbages, but to leave pretty much the rest of the spices/roots/leaves. I love the taste of the tangy soup!

Thai green papaya salad
"Som Tum" - Thai green papaya salad.

I really liked how the shredded green papayas were marinated well. Yum.

honey ginger duck
"Honey Ginger Duck."

I actually helped picking out the Honey Ginger Duck because I couldn't really made up my mind on the assorted curry dishes that I originally wanted to order. The Honey Ginger Duck was boneless... yummy! A puree/mashed
something was also on the plate. I tasted it and found some tiny pineapple chunks in it. I coulnd't quite figure out what exactly the puree was made of... but it went well with the duck.

That was a nice early birthday dinner. Thanks Joyce!

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