Friday, August 01, 2008

korean house

EC and I went to Korean House yesterday. It was on the small strip mall around 1400 South and State Street (east).

korean house
The interior was simple and clean. This was the cashier counter area.

korean house dishes
There were seven side dishes that came with the meals. My favorite were the seaweed salad and the fish cakes (I thought they were tofu until the server lady told me otherwise).

EC got a tofu soup of some sort, and I got the tofu and beef set. The rice was served in a small stainless steel bowl... it was really cute! I wish they could have given me a bit more rice since the bowl was really tiny and there was not a lot of rice... and I was too shy to ask for more.

barbequed beef on iron plate
The iron plate was not sizzling, but the beef was hot and tasty!

The beef was really good. Again I wished there were more pieces of beef on the hot plate... I was just REALLY hungry yesterday!

The staff was really friendly and happy, and the Korean music playing inside the restaurant was really cool... and that was a bonus!

Korean House
1465 South State Ste.16
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 487-3900

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