Saturday, August 01, 2009

[Portland 07.09] The Benson

John and I spent a lovely weekend in Portland. It was my first time in Portland, and I totally enjoyed it!

We arrived at PDX after about the hour-and-15-minute flight, took MAX to downtown, and checked in at The Benson Hotel.

the benson
Lobby at the Benson.

the benson
For some reason I really liked these chairs.

the benson
Our room.

The room was equipped with TempurPedic beds. Comfy.

the benson
And the bathroom was pretty.

I enjoyed our stay. The only thing that I was hoping to get was wi-fi. There's wi-fi at the hotel, but you have to pay about $10 a day to use it. A few of the other hotels that I've stayed at in different cities either offer free or a fixed-price-per-stay (either $5 or $10 per stay period) wi-fi, so I was not quite used to the $10 a day charge, but maybe it was for the better, because I actually enjoyed the room and relaxed more at the end of the day.

There are cafes and coffee shops all over town that offer free wi-fi for their customers anyhow. :)

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