Thursday, August 20, 2009

rabbit pocket

I've noticed that I started wanting and taking notes when I read certain books. I always jot things down on a piece of paper and lost it soon after. I therefore decided I must have a tiny little note book, or a post-it pad, and a pen near by with the book.

I have a lot of bags. Most of them are too big for just one book and its "accessories," or they are actual purses that are not suitable for books. I've been searching for the right size bag.

Then Joyce sent me a cute bag for my birthday, along with a black kitty passport cover and a cute cute cute cell phone strap.

rabbit pocket
It's a "Rabbit Pocket!"

And in the photo with the Rabbit Pocket: the cell phone strap, the passport cover, and the birthday card.

The Rabbit Pocket is just the perfect size! It's large enough so the book and friends can fit in and stay together, but small enough where you can't really stick much more in.

rabbit pocket
Rabbit Pocket with a book in it. (I pulled the book out a bit for demonstration purposes.)

And oh it's sooooo cute! Thanks Joyce!

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