Monday, August 03, 2009

[Portland 07.09] Bento Cafe

We took a quick break after checking in the hotel... testing the Tempur-Pedic mattress and checking out the TV channels, and then off we went for a late lunch at Bento Cafe.

We walked passed the Pioneer Square, where we saw my friend Dana's little sister Rynda! Who'd know we would meet a familiar face right away in Portland?

pioneer square
It was mid-afternoon and there weren't a ton of people at the square yet.

We kept walking uphill.

Saw a pretty church.

In fact there were many beautiful churches in the area.

Bento Cafe was a bit farther away than we thought, so we were really happy and hungry when we got there.

So many good choices!

teriyaki chicken bento
I got the Teriyaki Chicken bento.

tomato chicken bento
John got the Tomato Chicken bento.

The bentos we got each had wild(?) rice, garden salad (delicious dressing!) tofu with miso sauce, seaweed, and small tamago (egg), plus the chicken. Very delicious!

We also got mocheez. It was like grilled mochi and cheese pancakes. Yum!

on the walls
On the walls there were articles about the cafe and Chef Naoko who founded the cafe.

There's a lock on their restroom, just like ours for the caffe. Theirs had a number pad on it where customers (only) enters a pin to unlock it. They probably had similar problems we did here.

Both John and I really enjoyed the Bento Cafe.

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