Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ginger sighting

Ginger has been shy about coming out to play with the others since Torsion came to stay with us. I was a little sad about it, but at least she still comes when I call for her if she knows Torsion is not near.

I usually stay up Saturday night and watch some silly Japanese shows on my computer in the kitchen. Ginger would always come by and stay up with me. Since Torsion came she hasn't done it for a while... she doesn't like to "show herself" at all.

This past Saturday before heading to bed John put up a baby gate at the bedroom door so Torsion couldn't roam around the house (and the other dogs and cats can jump over.) I went to the kitchen, made some tea, and pulled out my laptop.

After a short while Ginger came!

She sat at her usual spot and watched me.

Making sure everything was OK on the table.

I *heart* Ginger.

Fuzzy and cute.

She was cautious and very aware of her surroundings for a while.

Then she felt more comfortable and just relaxed next to me for a long time.

I really hope she comes out of her shyness and realizes Torsion didn't mean her harm when he chased her that few times.

As a result of her hiding so much is that she doesn't eat as much. I think she actually lost some weight!

Ginger was chubby, and she still sort of is, but losing a little bit of weight is probably not a bad thing.

I hope she comes out more often.

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