Wednesday, August 05, 2009

[Portland 07.09] The Japanese Garden

We took MAX to the Washington Park (by the Oregon Zoo) station, and eventually found the bus that was heading toward The Japanese Garden ((took us a little while, but it was pretty much right above the MAX station.)

robertson tunnel
The Robertson Tunnel, at the Washington Park Station.

before the entrance
We got off the bus at the Japanese Garden stop, and walked up a trail toward the entrance gate.

We already saw a lot of pretty "bonsai-style" trees before we got to the gate. "Ahh... it's getting Japanese-y," I said.

gate to the japanes garden
At the entrance gate. The sun behind it made it look like a gate to a sacred place (which theoretically was, I think.)

japanese garden entrance
Ticket gate.

There were so many beautiful trees, flowers, and plants at the Japanese Garden! I took a bunch of pictures, and here are just a few of them:

Some "bonsai-style" trees.

A beautiful little waterfall.

So beautiful.

Another pretty little waterfall.

Pretty pretty pretty.

pretty gate
I love the little decorated gates at different areas of the garden.

zen garden
The Zen garden. John and I sat on the bench and watched this for a while.

japanese garden symbol
Special rooftiles. I believe it was the Japanese Garden symbol in the center.

You could also overlook the city of Portland.

pretty flower
More beautiful flowers and plants outside the exit gate.

Ahh... it was so beautiful. Here are more photos I took at the Japanese Garden.

washington park sign
After visiting the Japanese Garden we got on the bus back to Washington Park.

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