Friday, August 14, 2009

[Portland 07.09] Yuzu

Our friend Brian recommended that we went to Yuzu, a Japanese izakaya - style spot when visiting Portland. (Yuzu is in Beaverton.)

Since we bought the All-zone Day pass, we decided to go despite the fact that it was getting late. We arrived in Beaverton around 11pm. Almost couldn't find the place, but with the help of Brian's verbal instructions and the nice police officers, we found it!

Yuzu was located at a strip mall, next to a Korean restaurant. Its store front was small, so we almost missed it! When we went in we were greeted and seated by the door. I started checking out the place. It was casual, and had a small Japanese family-style diner feel to it.

menu on the wall
Menu on the wall.

The server lady was really happy and nice. Took our order. There were a lot of great selections on the menu. We went with a few.

asahi beer
Gotta start with some Asahi!

John was not feeling too well at this point... I think he was slightly dehydrated from the heat and all the walks earlier. Poor thing.

Most of the big bottle of Asahi, and the food, went to me.

at the table
I liked their plates.

grilled beef tongue
Grilled beef tougue. Yum. I wished there were more pieces.

Gentleman came in by himself, drank and ate a the bar. Reminded me of Japan already.

grilled sanma
Grilled Sanma (Japanese Saury). So delish. Every time I eat Sanma I think of my dad! He likes to make Sanma.

I pretty much ate the whole Sanma myself. John was still not feeling well.

John's ramen. I don't remember what he got, but he could only eat the soup anyhow. I helped with the noodles and meats.

The ramen soup was pork bone based, I believe. Slightly salty for my taste, but good.

My ramen, with cubed fatty pork. Hmmm... fatty pork.

I enjoyed the food, but felt bad becasue John was not feeling well. There were happy customers at Yuzu, both Japanese and Americans. I liked the vibe.

We'll make sure John is very well hydrated and happy next time we go to Yuzu.

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