Friday, December 30, 2011

Paris 2011 - little breakfast companions

I've posted about how there's a bakery below the hotel that we were staying at. And during the week we that we frequented there, there were little elements other than tasty treats that made me happy.

There were always little birdies that were scouting out crumbs on the patio floor!

John and I liked to sit at this small table by the edge of the patio, until one day a little bit of bird poo (pee?) got on our jackets! Even though there was only a teeny little bit, I was slightly freaking out. After cleaning our jacket we decided we'd sit at other tables that were closer to the bakery itself. Good call, because we saw the birdie-pee accidents happen to other patrons a couple times after ours.

I still think these birds were cute, and they were my little Parisian breakfast companions.

Most of the mornings John and I would get a croissant, and had something that we got from the stores the night before. One morning we went into the bakery and there were fresh caramel flans, so we tried it. It was pretty tasty.

And that morning I also tried a cafe au lait. Let's get real here... stick with the pastries and breads, I say.

Some mornings I'd also see this young man who's stacking the baguettes:

He was always very concentrated when handling the baguettes. Very professional and cool.

I sorta miss this little bakery right now.

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