Monday, December 12, 2011

Paris 2011 - with a Pierre Herme bag in my hand

After getting my box of macarons from Pierre Herme, John and I enjoyed our walk back to the hotel.

Along the way I saw more intriguing things.

This gentleman was carving and repairing vintage ivory statues! He was so concentrated on his work and so cute.

Macarons from another shop.

More macarons.

If I didn't have the bag of Pierre Herme in my hand, I'd probably go into the shop and get a few macarons at this point, but I had my mind set on the Pierre Herme macarons, so I only looked around the shop and enjoyed the festive-treat-heaven-atmosphere.

A pile of huge meringue cookies!

And a lot of cute chocolate art pieces.

Oh my. There were so many treats and sweets!

We continued walking down the street, and a couple doors down I was stunned to see a huge chocolate gorilla in the window!

I think this dude was taller than me! He was sitting in the window and looking down at everyone that walked by and admired him.

I wonder if anyone would buy him and eat him up.

With the Pierre Herme bag in my hand, I didn't get any additional treats despite all the lovely temptations from all the cool shops I passed by.

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