Friday, December 09, 2011

Paris 2011 - out to look for Pierre Herme

I have tempted to make macarons a handful of times, and I have also purchased a few from my local bakeries prior to going to Paris. I had make a couple decent batches myself, and tasted pretty good ones that were bought from bakeries, but I knew, from reading and doing research, that I needed to go and visit Pierre Herme when I went to Paris, to taste some of the best macarons in the world!

John was kind enough to find out a Pierre Herme shop that we could walk to from the hotel. The first night we were in Paris, we went off to find the macaron magic shop.

We passed quite a few pharmacies on our way there. These pharmacies all looked very futuristic to me. Awesome.

We also saw a few candy stands. I was of course tempted, but my mind was set to finding Pierre Herme, so I only took pictures of the treats.

There were also a few really cool book shops along the way. The window displays were amazing!


The storefront.

There was a line inside the store, and I was more than happy to stay in line and to look at all the beautiful cakes and desserts.

If I could buy every single dessert in the store I would.

It was our turn, and we would like to get some macarons. The girl who helped us asked if we would like a beautiful box for the macarons for gifts. We said the macarons were for ourselves and a regular box would do. She packed in 12 macarons that we chose. Based of what was available that night, we got 8 different kinds in all, and the girl packed up all 12 in a pastry box, put a little sticker on it, and placed in a beautiful paper (gift) bag. She then handed it to me with a huge smile.

I was really happy, and insisted that I would carry the bag (of a box of macarons) all the way back to the hotel.

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