Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paris 2011 - there's a bakery below the hotel

There's a bakery below the hotel. John and I got quick breakfast treats from there pretty much every morning.

This bakery is more of a bread store, or a "boulangerie." Every morning people line up for some baguettes, croissants, brioche, and such. We had our shares of good times and yumminess from here.

Now this was a nice plain brioche.

These were what we had for breakfast the first morning we were in paris.

I saw the bakery had mini caneles and had to grab a couple to try. They were not as tasty as I'd imagined, but I guess from what people say, since caneles are very regional-specific (Borduaex), very rarely can you find awesome caneles from just any bakery.

The brioche and croissants were delicious.

On the patio of the bakery.

After our quick morning rendezvous at the bakery in the mornings, John and I were ready to take on the day in Paris.

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