Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paris 2011 - Pierre Herme's macarons

This is the bag I was all willing to carry all the way back to the hotel.

And there were two boxes.

This big one was a Japanese-inspired matcha and azuki work of art.

Oh my.

12 beautiful little creations.

You've never had macarons until you have one of these.

There was a macaron flavor list that came with our macarons. It was a very handy "tool" to help us determine what we were eating.

The macarons from Pierre Herme was made to perfection. The meringue, the filling, the flavor combinations, and the textures... everything came together so harmoniously yet exciting. I was in love.

Let me admire this piece of artwork one more time before I sink my teeth into it...


They were so very, very, tasty.

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