Monday, January 26, 2009


I found this interesting pan that has two flipping "sides" that fold toward the center of the pan. I thought it might have been an omelet pan of some sort. I bought it because I thought it would be a great tool for making omu-raisu (omurice)!

Saturday I decided to make an omu-yakisoba for John and see if the pan would work for it.

First I made 1 pack of instant yakisoba and set it aside. Then I started making my "omu."

I heated a little bit of butter in the pan, slightly beat 2 eggs with some water, and pour the eggs into the pan.

I quickly realized that 2 eggs were a little too much. One should work better (and would have been enough) next time.

When the eggs were almost set I placed the cooked yakisoba in the center of the pan.

It looks like there was a giant pile of noodles in the picture, but it was only from a single pack of instant yakisoba noodles! I started to wonder if the pan was too small for my "omu-something."

I was right... :( the folding sides couldn't quite fold easily and drop the omelet onto the noodles. There was probably not enough butter on the pan before I pour the eggs in it, and the 2-egg mixture was just too much.

Maybe I should cut back on the pack of cooked yakisoba as well.

I tried to save the omu-yakisoba.

I loosened the eggs from the sides and assisted the flaps to fold with a pair of chopsticks. I then "knock" the silly-looking omu-yakisoba onto a plate. John put some shredded cheese on it, and voila!

Note to myself: more butter (or cooking spray), 1 egg, 1/2 pack of yakisoba.

At least John said my first attempt of omu-yakisoba was yummy. :D

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