Wednesday, January 07, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Anpanman "uncle Jam" Bakery part.2

anpanman bakery box"
So what did we get at Uncle Jam's Bakery?

After we got into the bakery, more fresh bread came out!

anpanman breads
We decided to grab Melon pan, Toast pan, and Curry pan.

anpanman bakery
The girls at the counter were really nice and they seemed very happy. Who wouldn't when you work with cute and yummy bread all day!

anpanman bread
Toast pan and Curry pan.

Toast pan was two thick slices of soft white bread with custard center! It was really soft and sweet. Yummy.

The Curry pan was still hot when we ate it because it just came out when we went into the store! He had ketchup eyebrows and mouth, with yellow mustard nose and cheeks. I believe his eyes were cream cheese and chocolate(?). The inside was of course curry (with savory ingredients)... I loved it!

melon pan
cute little Melon pan.

She was so cute. I had to have someone imitate her:

melon pan
OK I don't think it worked.

All three breads were yummy!


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