Wednesday, January 28, 2009

torsion in stripe-y shirt

My little doggie friend Torsion loves to wear clothes, especially in cold weather. I wish my dogs would let me dress them sometimes, even though they probably never need any.

Joyce got Torsion a Disney stripe-y polo shirt. It even has Mickey embroidered in the front. Nice.

Torsion looking serious in his cool shirt.

"Are you still taking my pictures? I'm already getting bored"!


Parker said...

He is so ADORABLE. He looks very handsome in his festive shirt.
Horray for cute puppies.

yiching said...

and he has all sorts of shirts! my friend really enjoys dressing him up. every time i see him i'd think to myself: i've gotta get myself a little puppy (who's willing to let me put cute clothes on him). hehehe.