Tuesday, January 06, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Anpanman "Uncle Jam" Bakery part.1

One of the first shops we saw at Anpanman Museum area was "Uncle Jam's Bakery."

anpanman "uncle jam" bakery
Uncle Jam's Bakery.

There was a sign by the door indicating when fresh breads were coming out... and we waited for the new batch. I was watching the bakers work inside the window. I think they were a little shy when they saw me.

anpanman dough
Raw Anpanman waiting to go into the oven.

anpanman and friends
Ahhh Anpanman and friends inside the window.

anpanman bread
Anpanman in progress.

And then there was a bell... the new breads were out!

anpanman bakery
Uncle Jam and his apprentice(?) welcome you.

anpanman's friend
Lovely pan lady.

anpanman's friends
cute cute cute.

 anpanman's friend
umm... I didn't quite know who he was, but he seemed nice. Confused, but nice.

 custard pan
custard pan.

santa snapanman
It was almost Christmas, so there was Santa Anpanman.

kare pan
curry pan.

There were other cute breads but they were gone in a just a couple of minutes! "What did you get?" you may ask. Let me post another entry for that.

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