Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Chinatown

After Anpanman Museum, we hopped back on the train and headed off to Yokohama's Chinatown. The station was the last one on the Minatomirai line (Motomachi/Chinatown).

yokohama chinatown station
I loved the walls at the station.

These walls were of vintage photos of the old time Chinatown. Looked very cool.

The weaving streets were crowded. People loved Chinatown!

yokohama chinatown
One of the main streets in the area.

yokohama chinatown hello kitty
Chinatown Hello Kitty!

I waited and waited for the little girl to move, so I could take a better picture of the Chinatown Hello Kitty... but she just stood there and stared at Hello Kitty.

yokohama chinatown hello kitty
So I was like, fine, I would just take a picture of HK's head.

yokohama chinatown steamed buns
A lot of people were selling little snacks like these steamed buns, "bao".

There were a lot of Chinese restaurants of all sorts. Some looked cool and the others didn't. We also saw a lot of people selling baos and roasted chestnuts. We didn't see anything that stood out, so we actually didn't eat there.

yokohama chinatown temple
One of the main temples.

There were people shooting a film or something right across from the temple as well. Interesting.

yokohama chinatown lanterns
The lanterns were really giant, red and pretty!


Randomkrazy said...

I've been there, its pretty nice. There's also a really similar one in Kobe.

yiching said...

Randomkrazy, I've been to the one in Kobe as well. I think I loved the one in Kobe a little more because it was smaller and there seemed to have been more different shops and vendors around. :)