Friday, January 23, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Yamashita Park

After we left China Town, we walked downhill toward the Yamashita Park by the Yokohama bay.

water guardian lady
We then saw the stone water guardian lady. She watches over the bay area in Yokohama.

big japanese ship and seagulls
I love the big ship that was parked by the dock.

mm21 area
We could see the buildings of the Minatomirai area from the park.

The water was so blue and beautiful!

We walked around the park and checked out the colorful plants in the area, as well as the happy people that were relaxing in the park.

street performer and audience
We then watched a funny street performer.

yamashita park
I loved the big (maple?) trees by the park.

A lot of people were taking pictures of the treets and falling leaves.

Look at me!

We saw this young lady being photographed by her mother. Her little brother was in the stroller. She would grab a bunch of the fallen leaves and threw them on her self and the mom would take pictures of them. It was really cute, and this was not the only time when we saw people throw leaves at themselves to have their autumn photos taken!

It was a happy park.

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