Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my tiny little guard

During the Christmas holiday I'd stay up late and just surf online, talk to friends, or work on projects. Everyone would be sleeping, but there was one little guy who'd stay up with me and keep me company through the late hours. She actually does it every late night (usually only on weekends) that I stay up.

It's Ginger!

She'd usually sit on one of the chairs by the dining room table (where I usually use my laptop), facing away, and keeping an eye on everyone that's coming into the kitchen. She'd stand up as soon as someone comes in. It's really cute.

Once in a while she'd sneak onto the table.

She'd also come and sniff(?) me if I pet her.

And a lot of times she'd just come and sit by my laptop to monitor(?)/check out what I'm reading online!

She's my tiny little guard late at night!

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