Friday, April 25, 2008

OSAKA: best lip balm ever

The first year we went to Osaka I forgot to bring my lip balm, and everyone knows I can't do without my lip balm, so I went to drugstores and othe shops wanting to find a basic and good Japanese lip balm.

And there were so many of them! Then I saw this "Omi Brotherhood Menturm Medicated Stick with Menthol". It was made in Japan, and on the package it said it was for "dried, chapped and cracked lip". I had to give it a try.

best lip balm

I had been buying some and bring them back to the U.S. every year since then. It's "thick" and larger in diameter than standard stick lip balms, not too hard or soft, and it moisturizes and "stays" on your lips very well!

Oh, and it doesn't get all melty in my pocket! That's always a bonus.

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