Wednesday, May 07, 2008

about naicha these days

Naicha is still on antibiotics, but she's doing a lot better these days. She started taking her meds about 2 months ago. She is still a little snorkly from time to time, and we really want her to "push" all the sickness out completely.

Anyhow, other than having to take her medicine twice daily, she's doing well. She doesn't even hate her meds that much. John and I usually dip her pills in some yogurt, or wrap them up in some ground meat, and she'd just eat them easily. These days I'd even just mix the pills in with her food, and she's chomp them down, too. Good girl.

Naicha hanging out in the backyard.

Strolling casually.

Running really fast toward me. She is trying to look scary and vicious!

I *heart* Naicha! I hope she gets all well soon and doesn't need her medicines any more.

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