Tuesday, May 06, 2008

gyoza and potstickers

Some people think gyoza and potstickers are the same things, but after doing some research and readings, I learned that gyoza is usually more rounded, with thinner skins and filling that fall apart, while potstickers usually are longer in shape, has thicker skins, and whose filling is firmer and "stuck" together.

Anyhow, I made some gyoza this past weekend. I learned a while ago that when you want to pan fry the gyoza or potstickers, you pour some flour-water mixture to the pan, and then you'd get the thin crispy bottom on the dumplings. It worked!

fresh gyoza
Fresh gyoza. I simplified the recipe from last time I made them, but the dumplings still come out great!

So this is what you do: first heat a little bit oil in the pan, then place/line the gyoza in the pan, followed by pouring a thin layer of flour-water mixture (1:6) in the pan, then cover the pan and cook the gyoza for approx. 10-15 minutes (fresh) or 20-25 minutes if the gyoza is raw and frozen.

When they are done the'd have a thin layer of crispy goodness on the bottom of each gyoza!

Apparently one of the secrets to beautifully fried gyoza is the flour-water mixture... with practice I may be able to have a "line" of gyoza like the ones we had in the ramen shops in Japan:

ramen and gyoza

I think it's also interesting that I never feel full after eating 10 boiled dumplings, but I felt pretty satisfied after eating the 10 fried gyoza... hmm...

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