Monday, May 19, 2008

pink sheep

My friend Joyce gave me a cell phone charm. It's really cute, and has an orange cat, a silver octopus, and a possible pink sheep on it. I use the word "possible" because I am not 100% sure what exactly it is. It can also be a piece of pink cloud or a bite of a pink cotton candy.

cell phone charm
And the pink little thing matches my phone!

I've noticed that cell phone charms/straps are super popular, but you don't see them as much here. Every year I am in Japan I see people selling and buying all sorts of cell phone charms... at specialty shops, boutiques, raman shops (that have realistic miniature ramen bowls on the charms), as well as temples and city/town halls... Sanrio would also have Hello Kitty dressed up to represent different parts of Japan. They were so cute!

I did see people putting way too many charms on their cell phone, where the charms themselves were larger than the phone. I think it's a bit overdone. I do like this cell phone charm a lot. It makes my phone not as "naked" as it seems to be.

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