Sunday, May 25, 2008

ginger and the plastic bag

I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out this morning, and I heard someone running super fast with a plastic bag down the hallway and into the bedroom. I then heard the same someone running back to the big TV room.

I figured it was Ginger, so I said, "Hey Ginger!" Then I heard the same plastic noise back into the bedroom. I followed her into the bedroom, and saw the plastic bag that had a small bag of chips was at one of the legs of the bed frame.

I almost passed out! Apparently Ginger got caught in a plastic bag from the big TV room and she panicked and started running and trying to get rid of it. The plastic bag was torn, and she was nowhere to be seen.

After a while I still didn't see her, so I asked John for help. We looked for her for a while, and we heard her run upstairs. We eventually saw her under a side table, and Jasper was sitting on the chair next to it and looking at us.

John got down and saw that a piece of plastic was still around Ginger!

He carefully petted her and calmed her down, and slowly got the plastic off her. She stayed under the side table for quite a while and still seemed a little shocked.

Later in the afternoon she was fine and was hanging out with the dogs up the stairs. I'm relieved.

pets 022

We all know that we don't leave plastic bags around kids, and apparently not around animals either. We had some unopened bags of treats downstairs, which were in an open plastic grocery bag. We really shouldn't have left it there.

I'm glad Ginger is not hurt and seems to be happy and OK now, but I know I really have to be more careful around the house. I never leave anything laying out that's potentially hazardous to the animals, but apparently I was not careful enough this time. Both John and I will be super careful from now on.

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