Tuesday, May 13, 2008

little puppy

I love our big dogs, but I'm starting to think that I would love a small little dog, too. The other day Shaun and Daena brought their new puppy to the caffe, and they let me hold and play with him.

He was so tiny, and so playful and happy! I used to think tiny dogs would just yap all the time... but this little guy was just relaxed and happy. He was great!

little puppy
I was taking fuzzy myspace pictures with the puppy.

I hope he comes and visits again soon.

little puppy
I *heart* the little puppy!


Parker said...

That little puppy is so cute. I hope you get to hang out with him (i think all puppies are boys because of my puppy Bono) again soon. I love all puppies but little puppies are different. I like to hold them like they're little babies.

yiching said...

They ARE little babies! :) I'm missing this little puppy already.