Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TAKARAZUKA: garden fields

After meeting the little puppy the other day, I've really been wanting a little puppy! Talking about little puppies... no one has more adorable tiny little puppies than the Japanese.

When we were at Takarazuka, we ran into this wonderful little park called "Garden Fields," where there were a botanical garden, a couple museums, and a dog park and a specialty shop for pets.

garden fields
A large green house at Garden Fields.

I was really excited to check out the fun little dog park. The largest dog we saw was about Yama's size (65 lbs. or so). Most of the dogs running in the dog park were tiny little ones! They were so cute!

A cool dog being photographed by his owner. I didn't think he enjoyed it, though.

There were all sorts of people and dogs at the park, and everyone seemed very content and happy.

dog park
A guy holding and chillin' with his Boston Terrier.

A cool kitty named "Leon" looking at the dogs play.

After checking out the fun dogs at the dog park we went into the specialty shop for pets. I couldn't get my eyes off a couple of the cute little puppies...

Sleeping beauty.

I think this little guy liked me. He wanted to come out and play with me. If he was mine I'd call him "Butter Ball."

I was really impressed by how peaceful and lovely Garden Fields was. It was a great place to visit, and if dog playgorund was not part of your vacation plan, you could still enjoy the many wonderful things inside and around the park.

I want a tiny little puppy. I want Butter Ball!


Parker said...

You need Butter Ball. I love these photos they are so cute.

yiching said...

yes yes i need Butter Ball! he was so cute! (though i'm not sure if he is as cute as Bono.)