Friday, May 02, 2008

man purse

Ryan was helping me finalize our first recorded show, and he turned around to grab something from his bag. He referred to the bag as his "man purse."

OMG. It was the first time I heard another person use that term other than myself.

I wonder if he got that term from the same source I did. (The original term, though, was "man bag," but I've just always been calling it "man purse.")

Joey's voice: "Has someone been watching too much Friends? I think so!"


Parker said...

I love FRIENDS. I think it is so funny that your hubby said that. TOO CUTE.

yiching said...

ahhh. just to clear that Ryan is not my hubby. JOHN is. Ryan is my friend and program director at the radio station.

but it was really funny he said that.

Parker said...

oooo, sorry Genie. I wasn't reading it right. Still funny. JOHN, I'm sorry.