Wednesday, March 04, 2009

cactus candy

My friend Dana brought me a box of cactus candy a while ago, but I never tried it. I'm not very adventurous as far as fruit and vegetable goes... since cactus, being a plant, is sort of like a kind of vegetable to me, I didn't really want to try it, even though I love candies.

But I love the box. It's so cute.

cactus candy

Yesterday I gave the box of cactus candy to EC. She was excited and opened it up right away. She tried one and said it was pretty good, and that I should give it a try, so I took a piece.

cactus candy
Ooooo they were red!

I carefully took a bite. It had a slight lemon taste to it up front, and then a fruity flavor came along. Its texture was like that of a gum drop... but slightly different.

I actually didn't mind it at all.

Now I can tell people I've tried cactus candy!

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