Tuesday, March 03, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] on the way to Tokyo Tower

We really wanted to take the full advantage of our East JR day pass, so after dinner at Shinjuku we hopped back on the train and arrived at Hamamatsucho.

cool guy
We saw this cool guy on the train. I believe his pants read "Japan Sport Science University." Awesome.

It was a bit later so the train was not too crowded. Nice.

hamamatsucho station
The north gate.

Hamamatsucho was the closest JR station (that I knew of) to the Tokyo Tower. We took the north exit at the station.

We could see the tip of Tokyo Tower when we stepped out of the station... and we knew which way to go.

It was later at night, but there were still shops open, and people walking around in the area. We saw interesting little things.

world traffic safety
"World's wish for traffic safety."

small shop with a happy sign
A small yakitori place.

I really liked the signs on the shop:

a happy sign
Totally made sense.

As we got closer and closer to Tokyo Tower, my heart, for some reason, started pounding faster and faster.

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