Wednesday, March 04, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Tokyo Tower

We walked in the fairly quite streets toward Tokyo Tower. The people and cars of Tokyo were still all around, but for some reason the area seemed a lot quieter than anywhere else in Tokyo.

We saw the tiny little tip of Tokyo Tower got bigger and broader as we got closer. (dah!) We saw a large wooden gate with giant metal doors, and walked upward on the path next to it. There were a lot of trees and little shrines along the way. Very peaceful.

And then I saw this:

tokyo tower

Tokyo Tower was so graceful and pretty at night. I just couldn't get my eyes off it.

I couldn't quite capture the beauty of the tower, but I still tried to take pictures of it with different camera settings. I also took a lot of "mental pictures!"

tokyo tower
Tokyo Tower with a reddish tint.

tokyo tower
Tokyo Tower with a purple-y tint.

You can go up the tower to the Observatory and see the Tokyo night view, but we didn't go. It was super romantic at the bottom of the tower already!

tokyo tower
The two levels of observatories.

Note to myself and all who's visiting Tokyo Tower: bring a good camera!

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