Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Meiji Shrine: Presents to the Emperor

At Meiji Shrine we saw the many presents and offerings from people all over different regions of Japan, and overseas.



regional rice
Bags of rice.

regional vegetables
All sorts of vegetables.

regional fruits
Lots of juicy fruit.

regional fruits
Some of the apples and pears presented were huge! From what I know they were precious and super sweet and juicy.

This was the first time I saw konyaku plants.

Huge and colorful Chrysanthemum. HUGE.

There were stands after stands, piles after piles, of food and presents that were presented. They all seemed very fresh, so I suspected that they were changed out very frequently. Some of them have notes on them saying that they were grateful for an abundant year.

I wonder if the emperor's families eat all the food?

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