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[Tokyo Fall 2008] Ikebukuro: Kohmen Ramen

There were many wonderful ramen shops in Ikebukuro, and we tried to go to a few of them while in Tokyo.

On our way to Mutekiya Ramen the first night we were in Tokyo, we saw Kohmen, where I had read about it being a top ramen shop as well.

The shop was fairly close to our hotel, so when we were wanting ramen again, off we went.

Kohmen, Ikebukuro.

It was raining and a bit chilly that day, but who cares, we were going to have hot and yummy ramen.

People eating ramen at the counter.

The space was long and skinny, where we had to stand and wait behind the customers eating at the counter. No big deal. A lot of ramen shops were actually designed this way for efficiency, where the chefs could cook the ramen, and serve it to the customers across the counter right away. Plus if there's anyone waiting in line, those who are eating tend to not take too long to finish their noodles and soup, hence you get people in and out of the store quicker.

It actually didn't take too long before we were seated. My constant stares at the eating customers worked.

komen menu
Now what should I get?

kohmen chefs
The Kohmen chefs.

I belive the guy on the left was the head chef. He was in charge of the soup stock and finishing "plating" before handing it to the customers. He was also helping the other guys with their stations and checking the noodles.

John got their Original Ramen.

The Original Ramen has soy sauce-based stock, while their "developed" ramen has a pork-bone based soup stock. I got the "developed" kind... but somehow the photo didn't turn out.

The plate of yummy "toppings" that came with the ramen.

You could order the ramen by itself, which had basic char-shu (grilled pork), seasoned bamboo shoots, and other vegetables, but if you ordered a "set," then you'd also get a plate full of "toppings" that go with the ramen soup.

The chefs were pretty serious, but when John and I smiled at them and said the ramen was oishii (yummy), they smiled back and thanked us and said bunch of other words that we didn't understand.

Ahhh I want ramen!

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